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Linux 1
Linux 2
Linux 3
Linux 4
Setare Gratuit Gratuit Gratuit Gratuit
Lunar 30 EUR 50 EUR 90 EUR 160 EUR
Spatiu disk 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB
Trafic Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat
Acces resurse (CPU, memory, etc.) * ** *** ****
Domenii 5 Nelimitat Nelimitat Nelimitat
Acces la server
Toate variantele ofera: Root access, SSH shell access, Telnet, FTP Access, CPX Control Panel
Servicii web
SSL Secure Server Support x x x x
Complete configuration files x x x x
Raw log files x x x x
Full cgi-bin access x x x x
Dynamic module support x x x x
Canale Podcast multiple x x x x
Servicii mail
Toate variantele ofera: No limit POP mailboxes, No limit IMAP mailboxes, E-mail quota (disk space) limits, No limit e-mail aliases (forwarding), Autoresponder support, Mailing list support, Anti-spam features, Anti-virus features
Servicii FTP
Toate variantele ofera: Anonymous FTP, No limit non-anonymous FTP accounts, Upload quota (disk space) limits, Custom welcome and directory messages
Microsoft Frontpage 2002 extensions x x x x
PHP4 x x x x
PHP5 x x x x
Perl5 x x x x
Java™ x
Java™ Servlets x
Java™ Server Pages x
E-Commerce Compatible
Toate variantele ofera: Shopsite
Baze de date
Toate variantele ofera: MySQL 4 or 5, PostgreSQL, Oracle*, Oracle Connectivity
Toate variantele ofera: Shockwave Flash, Podcasting, WordPress Blog tool
Statistics (Log Analyzer) Packages
Toate variantele ofera: Urchin, The Webalizer

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